Hindu Pakistan

Through Lahore's derelict towers, the seaside temples of Karachi, and hidden spaces of worship in the frontier city of Peshawar, this series chronicles the disappearance of Hindu religious life in Pakistan, and discovers places where Hindu traditions still flourish despite a tense political climate.

Architectural details recall once Hindu-majority Karachi’s lost identity: the Hindu Gymkhana, which houses a Performing Arts School, features a line of lotuses; other buildings still bear the once omnipresent "om."  In Lahore, mansions along Nisbat Road have been portioned off into private apartments, renovated after partition to house floods of Muslim refugees.  Though the buildings’ Hindu origins have been eroded by modern usage, certain signs still betray their lineage: the style of stonework, Hindu motifs, old property signage, traces of Devanagari and Hindu family names (e.g. "Dass" or "Gupta"), etc. The details that emerge pierce the eye, conjuring one of the city’s vanished worlds.  They feel more alive, somehow, than the static that surrounds them.